Standing Strong: Paints That Reflect Our Reality

If you have the urge to remodel this spring, don't start tearing down walls. Consider updating with paint.

This year, you can find just the colour to suit your mood; the very influential paint manufacturers have chosen palettes ranging from peaceful shades to vibrant colours.

Turn inward but stand strong

According to Martha Uniacke Breen in The National Post, paint colours reflect the way we see the world. "[This year] in both a décor and a psychological sense, it's hard to be neutral," Breen suggests. "There's both a turning inwards towards peace and refuge, and a sense of standing strong, even defiance."

For example, Benjamin Moore's colour of the year for 2018 is a spicy red called "Caliente" ("Hot" in Spanish), and red, generally, is showing up in everything from appliances to cars. But for the shy among us, Benjamin Moore offers a variation: deep rich pinks.

Dark colours are also on trend. Paint manufacturer PPG's Black Flame is best as a wall colour; it highlights the room's architecture, furniture, and lighting. That said, dark colours can be unforgiving and may highlight those less-than-perfect walls.

Challenging "Ultra Violet"

Pantone has challenged décoristas with its 2018 colour of the year, Ultra Violet. It has a tendency to take over, designers say, and so must be handled with care. Some are using softer shades (even extending to lavender), and others are pairing it with partners such as celadon green or camel. But be aware: this bold colour should be used judiciously.

Another trend is bringing the outside in with colours such as Beauti-Tone's Green Peace. "It's peaceful and almost neutral, but it has attitude," says company representative Bev Bell.

Fortunately, the 2018 colour palette is generally easy to use. Says Breen: "...all of these shades are amazingly versatile. They can be either dramatic or quietly enveloping, depending on what else you choose to put with them."