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So you’re about to take the plunge into home ownership... Once you have figured out you can buy a house and how to finance it, the next thing you need is a list of attributes you want in your dream home. First do some research. Information is readily available at the click of a mouse. Establish what’s most important to you: Where are you flexible and what can’t you live without? Next share your list with your real estate agent. For example, while you might want to restrict your search to one area, your agent’s familiarity with your needs, plus an understanding of what’s available on the market, may have you looking (successfully) outside your preferred location, where you can meet all your needs and get more for your money.  The key is to keep an open mind and trust your agent’s experience and expertise. Your perfect home may be closer than you know. Check out the articles below to help guide you on your journey to home ownership.

Step 1 Financing

Organizing your finances is the critical first step in your home purchase. Read the articles below to gain more insight in this process...

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Step 2 Needs & Wants

With and appreciation of what you can afford, determine your needs and wants within your home purchase price range. Read these articles to help you get on the right path.
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Step 3 Home Search

Begin your home search once you have been pre-qualified for a mortgage and know your needs and wants. Read these articles to help you narrow down your search criteria.
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Step 4 Viewing Homes

When viewing properties you are interested in, it is important to remain objective. A good Realtor will help you understand the importance of looking beyond surface aesthetics. Read the articles to guide your home viewings.
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Step 5 Making an offer

There are a number of considerations to make before  the offer is written for your next home. Read the articles below to learn how to navigate the negotiation process.
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Step 6 Closing

Your home purchase becomes a reality on closing day when ownership is officially transferred to you. Read the articles below to gain valuable insight into how to prepare for your final closing day. 

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