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At some point during the chaos of every renovation, one question is asked: “Is it worth it?” Is it worth the upheaval? Is it worth the cost? Most important, is it worth the effort when it comes time to sell? The answer: It depends. It depends on what you choose to renovate. Are you planning … Continue reading Are Renos Worth the Effort for Resale?

The first step in buying a home is deciding on a budget. How much house can you afford? Within what price range will you shop? A down payment is, unfortunately, only one part of that budget. To correctly determine the affordability of a home, it’s essential that prospective buyers consider the costs that arise at … Continue reading Closing Costs: It’s about More Than Your Down Payment

With the dwindling of land available for construction of detached and semi-detached single-family homes, Canadians are accepting the need for vertical living and high-density communities. Even naysayers are contemplating life in a “box.” The reality is – as Canada’s most recent census numbers indicates – condo living is here to stay. The 2016 census revealed … Continue reading Condo Life Is Now a Reality for Many Canadians

As the winter thaw begins, and spring buying and selling fever heats up, there are certain renovations you can make on your home to ensure you get an optimal return on investment (ROI). Whether you’ve been waiting for that perfect time to list, or are looking to flip fast, being strategic with your home renovations … Continue reading ‘Curb Appeal’ Renos a Growing Trend

Spring home improvements can be stressful, especially when you’re living in the middle of it. Add children to the mix, and the tension increases. But you don’t need to take a vacation while your home is being remodeled – even if walls are coming down. Here are some tips on how to continue to live … Continue reading ‘Is It Done Yet?’ How to Renovate With Kids

The small house movement may be coming to a neighbourhood near you, proving that “bigger is better” is not necessarily true. Having a bigger space to fill, a bigger mortgage to pay, and a smaller disposable income make having a large home unrealistic for many young professionals and families. In an article in, the Canadian … Continue reading Why Canadians Are Embracing the Trend of Smaller Homes

With the move to buyers’ markets in many areas, you’ll want your for-sale home to look its best. And that requires focus. Focused staging, that is. Staging your home can increase the offer amount by up to 10%, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2017 Profile of Home Staging. But what if you … Continue reading Make Your Home Buyer Friendly with Focused Staging

Whether you’re planning to become a home buyer in 2018 or hoping to sell your current property, it can be hard to forecast the way the real estate market will go. Here are some trend predictions, gathered from several sources, which maydominate in 2018: A recent report from the Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers brings good … Continue reading Polishing the Crystal Ball: Real Estate in 2018

Canada’s millennials are transforming the housing landscape in their search for new kinds of homes. And they pack a big punch financially. According to a report by CBC News, more than 50% of 25 to 35-year-old Canadians own a home, compared to 36% of U.S. millennials. The research, from TD Economics, says that Canadian millennials … Continue reading Millennials Seek New Housing Opportunities

Redecorating a child’s room is enjoyable. Figuring out creative ways to make your kids’ spaces whimsical yet functional is a fun design challenge. And watching their faces light up when it’s all done? Priceless. Home design website Houzz conducted a survey of users who have “recently completed, are working on or are planning a home … Continue reading Redecorating Your Child’s Room? Start Here

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the summer of 2017 delivered the first year-over-year decline in home prices in four years. And this may be a sign of balance returning to housing markets across Canada. As reported by CREA, the across-the-country decline was only 0.3 per cent, but many believe this downward trend … Continue reading Will Balance Return to Real Estate Markets?

Downsizing is often associated with empty nesters and retirees, but as it turns out, more and more homeowners of all ages-including millennials-are looking for smaller residential footprints. Currently, more than 40 per cent of Canadian millennials rent, and many say they prefer it. But those who are buying are lining up for small condos that … Continue reading Downsizing Happens at All Ages Now: Here’s How to Ace It

Do you dream of owning a home someday? If so, you’re not alone. The desire to put down roots and invest in a home is a common one. And this dream is still strong across North America. The problem is, many can’t afford it. To many, the dream seems elusive as a result of the … Continue reading Wait and Save: We Still Believe in Homeownership

As land available for new construction shrinks in urban centers across North America, governments, builders, and families are looking upward. Living high in the sky isn’t how many young families would have envisioned the family home, but for many, it’s a reality. This new reality is playing out in Toronto, Ontario, where family-sized condo units … Continue reading Family Living in the Sky: North America’s Newest Reality

For many millennials, the dream of homeownership feels far away, if not impossible. Salaries that haven’t grown with the cost of living, new mortgage rules, volatile housing markets, and a plethora of other reasons have made buying a home more difficult than it’s ever been for young people. A survey by Apartment List of 24,000 … Continue reading Millennials’ Homeownership Dreams Can Come True

Not all home renovations are made in order to improve a home’s aesthetics or comfort. A June 2017 article in Real Estate Magazine took a look at a growing trend – additions and improvements for the purpose of improving a home’s efficiency and environmental friendliness – and its value. Michael Garrity, CEO of finance company … Continue reading Green Renos Are Increasing by Leaps and Bounds

You’re ready to renovate. Your creative juices are flowing, and you’re excited to create that perfect space. But wait. Are you remodeling a condo? If so, this requires some special considerations. The game rules differ from those for a detached home. Here’s the playbook: Read the regulations: Condos come with associations. These come with rules. … Continue reading Rules Differ in a Condo Remodel: Here’s How

Not unlike speed dating, the goal of a recent Toronto meet and greet was to discover a soul mate. Only the objective here was to find a soul mate with whom to buy a house. For many living in expensive urban centres, it might be the only way they’ll ever become homeowners. Co-ownership of property … Continue reading Home Hungry: Why Not Co-Own a Home with a Co-Stranger?

RateHub defines a second mortgage as “an additional loan taken out on a property that is already mortgaged.” Sounds risky – and indeed it comes with plenty of risks. But it also comes with rewards. There are two major kinds of second mortgages: The home equity line of credit (HELOC) has a variable interest rate … Continue reading Second Mortgages: Make Your Dreams Happen – Carefully

If your green thumb is out of joint thanks to limited (or nonexistent) outdoor space, try some out-of-the-yard thinking, and you’ll soon be digging in the dirt. You can garden anywhere if you’re resourceful. Go vertical: If you’re in an urban setting, take inspiration from the high-rises that surround you. When there’s no room to … Continue reading Is Lack of Space Cramping Your Green Thumb?

RateHub defines a second mortgage as “an additional loan taken out on a property that is already mortgaged.” Sounds risky – and indeed it comes with plenty of risks. But it also comes with rewards. There are two major kinds of second mortgages: The home equity line of credit (HELOC) has a variable interest rate … Continue reading Second Mortgages: Make Your Dreams Happen – Carefully

If your green thumb is out of joint thanks to limited (or nonexistent) outdoor space, try some out-of-the-yard thinking, and you’ll soon be digging in the dirt. You can garden anywhere if you’re resourceful. Go vertical: If you’re in an urban setting, take inspiration from the high-rises that surround you. When there’s no room to … Continue reading Is Lack of Space Cramping Your Green Thumb?

Thanks to an exhibition organized by Japanese retailer Muji, we can peek into the home of the future. And according to a recent article in Houzz, we can expect to live with new materials, adaptable spaces, and open-concept floor plans. The exhibition, House Vision 2, introduced the ideas underlying tomorrow’s homes as seen by companies … Continue reading Our Future Homes: Easy Care and Open Plan

Whether you call the place a cabin, a camp or a cottage, the truth is undeniable: We Canadians love our summer homes. And so, it seems, does the rest of the world: Real estate in vacation country is booming, and one popular Ontario summer recreation area saw property sales increase by more than 80 per … Continue reading Know What You’re Doing When Buying a Vacation Property

Mortgage insurance may cost more, but that likely won’t have a major impact on demand. On March 17, CMHC officially began charging homeowners a higher percentage of their mortgage’s value in order to insure it. The rates differ depending on the mortgage amount and the amount of equity the owner has in the property. For … Continue reading Doubtful New CMHC Insurance Rates Will Dampen Demand

We Canadians spend upwards of $71 billion improving our homes. That’s more than $5,000 per household. And there’s no sign this is going to change anytime soon. This year, if you’re looking to increase the value of your home but are unsure what home improvements to make, think curb appeal. According to a recent report … Continue reading Improvements That Increase Your Home’s Value

Too many people don’t have the time or energy to do a full spring cleaning. Thankfully, a quick and simple home refresh will go a long way toward making your home look new without breaking the bank or your back. In a Houzz article, Laura Gaskill outlines several easy ways to refresh your home for … Continue reading Try ‘Home Refreshing’ Rather Than Spring Cleaning

Three months into 2017 it looks like predictions made in a study conducted by the Urban Land Institute and PwC are pretty much on track. Canadians need no reminder of the crazy real estate ride of the past few years: Prices of homes skyrocketed, particular in Vancouver and Toronto; foreign investment surged; and governments tried … Continue reading Canada’s Real Estate Market in 2017: How Is It Shaping Up?

Every seller has had the thought: “I could keep so much money in my pocket if I didn’t have a real estate agent. Maybe I should do it myself!” It’s an attractive thought. Selling your home yourself means no commission fee for an agent. You keep the profits. But what are you risking? Buyers can … Continue reading Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?

In a hot market, selling your home may be easy. Selling it for top dollar takes a little more work. To achieve this, staging is the way to go. This is the process of beautifying your home to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Many people can’t visualize the possibilities within a room, … Continue reading How to Set the Stage for Home Buyers

It’s a fact: in Canada’s urban centres, room to build is dwindling, especially in the scarce-as-hen’s-teeth detached housing sector. That’s why high-rise condo towers continue to be the face of new residential building. When we build up, not out, we’re able to provide more shelter for more people while using less of a footprint. But … Continue reading Demand Soars for Ever-Larger Homes in the Sky

We all know that living near a good school increases the value of your home. But who knew a neighbouring cemetery can adversely affect your property value? Or that proximity to a hospital isn’t a good thing? In fact, we now know – or should know – that nothing is more important when selling your … Continue reading Location, Location … the Good, Bad and Ugly

When shopping for a new home, it’s easy to fall in love. You can find yourself dazzled by the sprawling backyard, trendy kitchen, or sky-high ceilings, and want to make an offer right then and there. But it’s important to take a step back and take the time to evaluate the perhaps less-exciting details. These … Continue reading Home Shopping? Look beyond the WOWs!

With so much other shopping to do, should you add shopping for a new home to your list? It’s such a busy time of year. Maybe you should simply wait until spring. Or maybe not. Buying a home during the holidays offers several advantages over other times of the year. Everyone else is at the … Continue reading The Surprising Upsides to Holiday Home Shopping

Prospective home buyers looking at areas where new neighbourhoods are being developed have a decision to make that’s affected by price, availability, features, and style: Do I buy a new build or a resale property? Here are some thinking points when you’re considering which to buy: New build Purchasing a preconstruction house or condominium unit … Continue reading New Home, Old Home – What’s Best for You?

While media reports still centre on price wars and discouraged potential buyers, the national real estate story may have a new focus. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has expressed concern over several months that housing sales are dropping nationwide. Many wonder: Could the national resale housing market be slowing down? Some are cautiously saying … Continue reading Is Canada’s Housing Market Slowing Down? Stay Tuned

A home is so much more than just a shelter, according to the most recent Life at Home report. The 2016 report, which is published annually by the IKEA global home furnishings company, says a home is defined by what inhabitants experience through their senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Together, these five senses … Continue reading Thoughts on Homeyness and the Home in 2016

As house prices soar in many areas across the country, it’s not surprising that bidding war fatigue has crept in. Jaded by making great offers that are rejected one after the other, prospective buyers and their agents are beginning to feel disheartened…and less motivated to “play the game.” But, as real estate reporter Carolyn Ireland … Continue reading Frustrated Buyer? How to Fight Bidding War Fatigue

From the shag carpets of the 70s to the neons of the 80s, each era brings its own styles and designs. But today’s trend is actually a non-trend: It’s a celebration of the beauty (and functionality) inherent in personal taste: if it works for you; it works. Decorating today is about expressing your personality in … Continue reading Decorating For Today: If it Works for You…it Works

As temperatures cool down, and we prepare for a season of shorter, darker days, it’s time to think about the inside of your home – how to make it as glorious on gloomy days as it was during the brilliant sunshine of summer. Oh good: Projects! But wait. Don’t let the excitement of improving your … Continue reading Fall Remodeling? Don’t Start Without Reading This

Here’s something to consider when planning end-of-summer backyard gatherings: an increasing number of Canadians don’t like noisy parties. While this may seem, well, not particularly newsworthy, a recent Statistic Canada survey on victimization reports that more people found noise to be a problem in their neighbourhoods in 2014 than in 2004. The survey didn’t address … Continue reading Noisy Neighbours Bug Us More Now Than 10 Years Ago

There’s no question that open concept living is still the way to go for designers and their decorista clients. And why not? It can make a space feel large and airy, provide the room-to-room flow that supports today’s relaxed lifestyles, plus it’s so in now that alternatives look dated. But with the open concept lifestyle … Continue reading These Hacks Cut Noise in Open Concept Spaces

When getting a home ready to sell, most homeowners focus on interior upgrades and fixes. But what’s on the outside counts, too. Lawns, walkways, patios, gardens, doors, and windows all play a role in the livability of a home – and its salability as well. Thinking of selling soon? Here are five ways to boost … Continue reading 5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s OQ for Less

Purchasing a vacation home may seem like the ultimate fantasy for many Canadians. But maybe it’s more likely than you’d think. Currently, prices in many cottage areas are reasonable. According to an article in MoneySense, realtors who work in prime cottage locations say it’s a buyer’s market for Canadian vacation properties. As the MoneySense article … Continue reading Vacation Homes: It’s a Buyer’s Market…For Now

Dreaming of a bed of roses or rows of tasty tomato plants is easy; the reality may feel like a nightmare, particularly to first-timers. If you’re planning on seeing whether your thumb is green this summer, note that gardeners are just as varied as gardens, and even those who grew up surrounded by high-rise buildings … Continue reading Gardening Can Be a Bed of Roses: Try These Tips

It sounds like an impossible dream: sell your home, pocket the money, then live in that home for the rest of your days. The premise is called “a sale and leaseback,” and it could deliver meaningful benefits to Canadian seniors. Why seniors? Increasingly, retirees aren’t saving enough for retirement; therefore, many seniors need to fund … Continue reading Sale/Leasebacks May Benefit Canadian Seniors

Picture this: You get up, grab a coffee and your laptop, and… apply for a mortgage. Online. Maybe in the U.S., you say. But in Canada? It’s looking more likely. And the game changer may well be Quicken, whose Rocket Mortgage product was advertised during this year’s Super Bowl. According to one Rocket client, you … Continue reading Will DIY Mortgages Take Off in Canada? Many Say ‘Yes’

You don’t have to be house shopping to know that “tiny” is very now. “Tiny” as in “tiny homes,” that is. TV shows, magazines, and the lifestyle sections of newspapers have been promoting the “small is beautiful” philosophy for months now. What’s it all about? A tiny house or apartment is generally described as less … Continue reading The Tiny House Movement: Fad or Solution

As urban dwellers scramble for affordable living space, apartment sizes are generally shrinking. As research company Urbanation suggests, the average size of a new Toronto condo is now 739 sq. ft. (69 sq. m), and some are even as small as 300 sq. ft. (28 sq. m). Driven by this reality, residents of urban centres … Continue reading Even the Tiniest Condo Can Feel Big: Read on…  

Online real estate information sites are routinely used by homeowners, home buyers, real estate agents, and developers as gauges of a home’s market value. Some of these sites use automated valuation models (AVMs) to provide information on estimated market value, usually for homes currently on the market. The information is available on many home search … Continue reading Online Estimates: Informative or Misleading?  

Canadians can’t really complain about the cost of renovating 24 Sussex Dr., the official residence of the prime minister. We’re spending plenty on home projects ourselves. According to Scotiabank, we spent $53 billion on renovations in 2015. That’s the same amount of money we spent building new houses. Maybe we really are like our national … Continue reading What’s That $53 Billion in Reno Spending About?

For years, it’s seemed as though open-concept living was the design principle of choice. Kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms were prized for their lack of dividing doors and walls. Now, however, the dominance of the open-concept lifestyle is in question, according to architects and designers quoted in a November 2015 article inDezeen, an international … Continue reading Is It Curtains for the Open Concept Lifestyle?

Whether you’ve found the home you want to grow old in or you’re planning for an elderly relative to move in with your family, the design choices you make now should be made with a weather eye to the future. You’ll want to consider adding those independent-living accessories now that will make life easier and … Continue reading Age in Place Later; Make Good Design Choices Now  

Instead of just a place to store stuff (and maybe to accommodate your car), your garage may also be a moneymaker. If you’re fortunate enough to have a FROG over your garage, you may be missing out on something. Your finished room over garage (or FROG) could be the perfect spot for a game room, … Continue reading Your Dream FROG Can Add Space and Value to Your Home

The garage is a catchall, right? Right. But should it be? According to recent statistics, a clean, bright, updated garage may be a big selling point with today’s buyers. Currently, remodeling the kitchen will return 70 cents for every dollar spent and a renovated bathroom will give you a return of 60 cents on the … Continue reading A Garage Remodel Can Pay Back Big Time

Purchasing a property for sale by owner (FSBO) may make sense to many; because the seller doesn’t pay real estate agent commissions, the price should be lower. However, buyer beware. There are downsides to purchasing an FSBO. According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, fewer than 10 percent of FSBOs are actually … Continue reading Buyer Beware: There Are Downsides to Buying a FSBO

Anyone who owns a pet knows: a pet is family. And when you’re the parent of a pet and considering a move, you want to be sure your new home and neighbourhood are pet-friendly. Start by Googling pet-friendly neighbourhoods. A million sites appear with blogs, maps, and articles to help you find your way. Studies … Continue reading A New Home for Fido…And the Rest of the Family

The way things have been going, Torontonians and Vancouverites can’t be blamed for thinking housing markets are hot across the country. But according to several reports, “it ain’t necessarily so.” Sure, the Toronto market is facing a record 2015, and Vancouver continues to post double-digit sales increases, but markets in many parts of Canada are … Continue reading Us, Them & the Housing Market

For most of Canada, snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures are imminent. Is your home prepared? Failing to properly winterize your home can cost you big bucks in service calls and repairs. Here are some winter tasks you should consider. Find – and seal – leaks: Air leakage in your home can lead to heat … Continue reading It’s Still Not Too Late to Winterize Your Home

We’ve seen it on TV: potential buyers (PBs) horrified by dated bathrooms and kitchens, wall-to-wall carpeting, and floral wallpaper (“The ’80s called; they want their rooms back…”) “It’s so old-fashioned,” the PBs say, “we’ll have to gut it.” There must be a lot of gutting going on: according to the most recent American Housing Survey, … Continue reading The 80s Called: Your ‘Dated’ Home Is Trendy Now

Everything old really is new again – including your old backyard shed. Forget fancy sunrooms or gazebos. Your shed can be all things to all people; you just have to decide what and to whom. For example, your shed can serve as a miniature bar and lounge; add couches and a TV and it functions … Continue reading Your Backyard Shed Can Be an Oasis

If you’re dreaming of becoming a homeowner, or planning to upsize, you’ll need to tap your savings for a down payment and to support your mortgage application. Are you there yet? If not, you’re not alone: Most adults over age 55 are behind on savings, according to a survey of 968 respondents conducted by Financial … Continue reading Small Nest Egg; Big Dreams? Here’s How to Catch Up

September means transitions. School begins and seasons change. There are more backpacks – and dirt – in your home. So why not consider creating a mudroom to ease the transition from outside to in? Mudrooms should be located where they will be used. Usually that means at the front or back of your home, near … Continue reading Manage Fall’s Clutter and Mess with a Mudroom

Do you know why your home insurance costs are high? According to a recent article in the Financial Post, there are 14 specific home features that could be driving up your rates. Such as: Swimming pools. Swimming comes with a risk of drowning, so pools come with more expensive home insurance. Your liability goes up … Continue reading Here’s Why Homeowners Insurance Costs so Much

It’s hard not to notice that high-rise condos have taken over the urban scene across the country in recent years. The high-rises make sense: when you can’t build out, build up. And for young people and those who work in the heart of the city, a bustling downtown is attractive. But in older, established downtown … Continue reading Stay Close to ‘Home’ with Boutique Condo Living

Itching for a home improvement project but low on cash? Not every project has to break the bank; there are plenty of jobs that will boost your home’s appeal for under $500. Here are a few ideas: Paint: Paint your kitchen, paint the baseboards, paint your front door, and paint some furniture. It’s amazing how … Continue reading Boost Your Home’s Look for Less: Try These $500 Hacks

Ready-to-go-homes have been around for years. The luxury market has always embraced buying properties already fitted out with designer furnishings. And why not? The home is immediately liveable, has been expertly decorated, and best of all, there are no design decisions to make. Just move in. But, as media reports suggest, these “extras” can add … Continue reading A Luxury Trend Millennial Urbanites May Buy Into

As the number of seniors across North America increases, many older adults are realizing they may not be able to stay in their own homes, or “age in place.” Health concerns figure prominently-a bitter reality for older boomers who didn’t believe they would ever have difficulty climbing stairs or navigating an older home. The result … Continue reading Is Downsizing the Right Option for You?

Is repainting on your summer to-do list? Instead of going with this year’s hot colour, why not bring light into your home by painting some of your rooms white and adding colour as an accent? As white is classic, you won’t have to repaint regularly; just change your accent colours to stay up to date. … Continue reading Why Not Delight in White This Summer?

Homeowners who found they had little recourse after the severe flooding that impacted their properties in 2013 may now have a recourse. Aviva Canada has become the first insurer in the country to introduce a consumer-based flood insurance product. The company has launched overland flood insurance coverage in Ontario and Alberta, and other provinces should … Continue reading Flood Insurance to Be Available Canada Wide

Here’s something you may not have considered when contemplating a reno: Be sure to notify your insurance company before taking a sledgehammer to your kitchen. Big or small, a home renovation can affect your policy. Here’s why: If it’s a large project, you may have to live elsewhere while the work is completed. Unoccupied homes … Continue reading Starting a Reno? Call Your Insurance Agent First

If you want to recoup your renovation dollars when you sell, be sure to repair that leaky roof before springing for a fabulous new kitchen. While a new kitchen may sound seductive, simply upgrading it is likely all you’ll need to do to attract prospective buyers. Today’s buyers are purchasing the basics, and they want … Continue reading Your Home Buyers Now Look Beyond Bling to Basic

According to recent statistics, one of the most popular reasons for moving is the desire for a new or better home, a sentiment you can identify with if you’ve ever moved. But what exactly constitutes a “better” house? In this case, the adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds true. For some, … Continue reading Think Small: Tiny Houses Are Trendy Now

Condos aren’t just for hip singles anymore. As prices of detached houses continue to climb in large cities across the country, more and more families are setting up homes in urban and suburban condos. But there are drawbacks. Kids need space, and condos rarely offer enough. Fortunately, developers are paying attention: Some new condo developments … Continue reading Wanted: Less Pricey Urban Condos That Welcome Kids

Here’s an interesting take on buyers and sellers, courtesy of a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. What you look for, what you buy, and why you make the real estate decisions you do may reflect your personality traits. In fact, you may want to look at more than your credit scores and mortgage … Continue reading Are You Agreeable? Time to Sign on the Dotted Line

What’s the key to today’s homebuyer’s heart? Well, move over hardwood floors, granite countertops, mudrooms, and media rooms, and kiss living rooms and formal dining rooms goodbye. Welcome energy efficiency and a good layout. According to a recent study, more than 40 per cent of Canadians look for energy efficiency over a home with updated … Continue reading What Homebuyers Want: Practicality and Energy Savings

It’s renovation time, and, as part of your preparations, think about the last time you hired someone to rebuild or remodel your home. There was probably an initial phone conversation, followed by a site visit where you were probably given a quote for the project and a discussion of a timeline. Then, they showed up … Continue reading Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Hire

According to a recent Houzz survey, in which 1,700 people shared their home decorating dreams, desires, and intentions, home decorating decisions are now driven by age and gender. Here are a couple of salient survey results: Seventeen percent of respondents under 35 expressed a preference for wallpaper, compared to only 3 percent of people over … Continue reading Home Sweet Home Meets 21st Century Design Trends

New technological innovations occur in every industry and company. But construction? It’s true: Quebec-based company BONE Structure has created pre-cut and premeasured “bones” of recycled, light-weight steel, which can be clicked together, like Lego or Meccano pieces, to frame residential and commercial buildings. The result is a flexibility the building industry isn’t usually known for; … Continue reading Steel ‘Bones’ May Change the Building Industry

Living in your home while it’s up for sale isn’t easy. It has to be ready at all times for potential buyers. But as difficult as it is to live in a “show” home, if it sells quickly at a good price, the pain will be worth it. Here are some things you must do … Continue reading Your Life While Selling: Painful But so Worth it

Not all retirees are moving into condos or retirement residences. The new trend for many aging boomers is living mobile: A manufactured home on the beach, hitting the road in an RV, or globetrotting to bucket-list destinations. REM online reports that real estate agents are discovering a new niche: Finding appropriate manufactured home developments for … Continue reading Retirees are Living Mobile…And Loving it

An upcoming New Year may mean a new address for some. Before deciding where to look for a home, why not take this quiz: Urban Do you like to live close to your workplace? Do you prefer easy access to numerous dining and entertainment options? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? If you … Continue reading Urban/Suburban: What Your Choice Says About You

What’s the next big trend in home renovation? As baby boomers age, it’s still all about them. So the next big trend is their next big concern. These days, many older boomers are trying to avoid leaving their homes for retirement residences and nursing homes, so they’re aging in place – renovating their homes to … Continue reading Aging in Place: The Next Renovation Trend

How much would you pay to be close to the amenities you need? Well, even as far back as 2009, people paid between $4,000 and $34,000 more for houses with above average walkability scores. Now it’s considered even more valuable. Walkability is all about living within a comfortable walking distance from the amenities that are … Continue reading Walkability is All About Dollars and Sense

Home makeovers and updates are touted as a sure-fire way to increase curb appeal and boost your home’s value. But not all projects are created equal; some can actually lower the value of your home and make an eventual house sale more difficult. While you can still follow your heart when planning quirky home renovations, … Continue reading Don’t Lower Your Home’s Value With Quirky Renos

In the past, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) was the source of information on buying a house. It meant good home-buying tips, reliable statistics, and the comfortable feeling that our “government” housing expert wouldn’t send us down the wrong path. CMHC was also the place we went for mortgage loan insurance; many of us … Continue reading Will CMHC Continue Condo Ownership Research?

Living in small spaces is increasingly becoming the norm for Canadians in urban centres like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. As cities become denser and real estate prices increase, square footages often shrink. Not that this is always a bad thing: small spaces can mean less to clean, less opportunity for clutter, and a cozier home. … Continue reading How to Make the Most of Small Space Living

  Increasingly, people are joining the sandwich generation: Raising their own children while caring for aging family members. Among the concerns the sandwich generation faces: A parent’s move from the family home to a condo, retirement home, or long-term care facility. Moving can intimidate anyone, but especially seniors. They may have lived in their home … Continue reading Real Estate Specialists Ease Seniors’ Transitions

Navigating life following a separation or divorce is emotional and full of challenges. Moving out of a shared property and establishing a new home can be one of the hardest parts, especially if children are involved. It’s difficult enough for children to see the dissolution of their parents’ relationship and the family unit they knew; … Continue reading Help Kids Adjust to a New Home After Divorce

When selling a home, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. Sellers want to maximize their chances at a quick sale and a high price, so they will want to make their home look – and sound – perfect. But how does a potential buyer know that the seller’s claims are true? Verifying a … Continue reading Agents Ensure Your Dream Home is as Advertised

There really is no place like home for most of us. According to a recent survey by Houzz, an online platform that provides resources for home design and renovation, the majority of homeowners say a comfortable home is key to their happiness. Top of the list of things at home that make them happy are … Continue reading Happy at Home? You Must Have a Big Screen TV

Canadians are sprucing up their existing homes instead of trading up, according to a recent report from Scotiabank Economics. According to the report by Scotiabank economist Adrienne Warren, renovation spending increased at an annual rate of 6 percent between 2000 and 2012, double that of new builds. It is now the fastest-growing segment of the … Continue reading Is the Reno Binge Good or Bad for the Housing Market?

Oh, the times in the Canadian real estate market are a-changin’. As land available for building coveted detached homes dwindles – along with inventory – builders and buyers are having to look elsewhere; for example, at row housing/townhomes. The trend is more evident in urban centres, where low inventory and lack of available land is … Continue reading Are Townhomes the Future of the Canadian Dream?

Moving? Beware the estimate that is too good to be true, and do your homework before your goods are loaded on the truck. According to the Canadian Association of Movers, criminals are infiltrating the moving industry with scams galore to separate you from your money – and maybe your household goods as well. Across Canada, … Continue reading Beware of Rogue Movers and Their Scams

Compromise is key to a successful relationship. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially when it comes buying a home with your spouse or partner. How do you strike a balance between each person’s needs and wants? As a recent Chronicle Herald article suggests, start with a plan. Have a frank conversation about what each … Continue reading Compromise 101: Buying a Home With Your Spouse

Effective May 1, mortgage insurance premiums have increased. The question is, how will this impact the Canadian real estate market? The announcement at the end of February by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) had many real estate watchers buzzing, not so much because of the extra cost, which boils down to an increase of … Continue reading Will Premium Increases Impact the Housing Market?

Second-time home buyers certainly know a thing or two about the purchase experience. But while the first trip round the real estate block was a learning experience, the second outing brings about a whole new set of challenges. To begin with, next-time buyers have to juggle both selling and buying. Previously, only home buyers with … Continue reading The Second Time Around Poses Challenges, Too

Ah, the retirement lifestyle – worry-free, toes in the sand, and visits with the grandkids. It sounds too good to be true, and for some, it is. But if you’re prepared to borrow and spend money and sacrifice some privacy, your home can be a source of retirement income. Not just your castle. When the … Continue reading Your Home’s Not Just Your Castle: It’s a Money Maker

Warnings about a housing market on the verge of a U.S.-style meltdown may sell newspapers, but if consumer confidence is any indication, the Canadian housing market is just fine. According to the 2013 Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada report by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), mortgage-holders felt comfortable … Continue reading Canadians Give Housing Market the Thumbs-Up

Retired Canadians are finally enjoying the fruits of their labours. Or are they? According to statistics, people over 65 are piling on debt just as other age groups are paying it down. And one contributing factor may be the number of seniors gifting or loaning down payments to their children. A report by rating agency … Continue reading Seniors Take On Debt to Help Their Kids Buy Homes

Spring’s on its way, meaning spring cleaning and updating. One of the least expensive, most effective ways to update your decor is to paint. But what colour? Paint colours, like fashion trends, fall in and out of favor. And most of us want to be in style. Why not consider what’s new in interior design, … Continue reading How to Pick a Paint Colour for Your Spring Spruce up

These days, sellers are in the catbird seat in many housing markets across Canada. So why consider going to the added expense of hiring a licensed appraiser to evaluate your home? It’s a good question, but as many sellers have discovered, there are some compelling reasons for having an appraisal report on hand before you … Continue reading Selling? You May Want to Consider an Appraisal

As the economy recovers, luxury properties are very much in demand, particularly in large urban areas. Homes or vacation properties worth $1 million or more are selling quickly, often at or just below asking prices. And they’re taking the housing markets in many areas along with them. It’s been a long haul. While in the … Continue reading North America’s Luxury Home Market Is Booming

Many people are planning to complete a much-awaited home DIY project in 2014. However, turning your home into a haven can make your life – and your family’s – a long-term nightmare. It’s important to stay on time and on budget. But you can do it. Here’s how. Do your research. Know what you want … Continue reading Make 2014 the Year You Complete That Home DIY Project

In the old days, sellers could rely on open houses to give their properties wide exposure to potential buyers. But now, thanks to the Internet, the traditional open house is starting to feel old hat. The vast majority of buyers now dip their toes into the housing market online. They can easily narrow their choices … Continue reading The Internet Age Open House: Has it Become Irrelevant?

When selling your home, having more than one offer to consider is a great position to be in. However, there are some rules of thumb for handling the sale of your property in a multiple-offer situation. The most important is to evaluate every offer for its details – not just the price. Study all conditions … Continue reading How to Handle Multiple Offer Situations

Even though making the decision to sell your home isn’t easy, the real work – actually selling it – has just begun. Fortunately, expert help is available from your local real estate agent. You need to become familiar with your competition and establish a selling price that’s consistent with comparable homes in your area. You … Continue reading Taking the Right Steps to Sell Your Home

The National Geographic channel has coined the phrase “Disaster Doesn’t Wait” to promote its TV show entitled, Doomsday Preppers. The show features families preparing for economic, political and natural disasters, and as the phrase suggests, they’re preparing because disasters can happen…and they don’t wait until we’re ready for them. Thousands across North America have had … Continue reading Extreme Weather is the New Housing Crisis: Prepare Now

Our neighbourhoods are where we spend a majority of our time and where our kids first learn about the outside world. So, isn’t it important to make them everything they can be? A lot has been written about improving neighbourhoods – a recent Google search yielded almost 13 million hits – so there’s no shortage … Continue reading Make Your Neighbourhood Everything it Can be

Everyone probably knows by now what to do to prepare your home for sale: Put aside family photos. Get rid of clutter. Fluff bedding. Leave every surface sparkling. But have you considered feng shui, especially if you are hoping to sell to buyers in the Asian community? Despite the recent softness in the Canadian real … Continue reading Good Feng Shui and Lucky Number 8 Can Help Sell Your Home

Local and national governments have long focused on making communities good places for families, children, young adults and the disadvantaged. But as America ages – by 2050, it is estimated that more than 32 million Americans will be over the age of 80 – there is a demand for national planning on how to best … Continue reading How an Aging Population is Changing our Cities

As reality programming continues to dominate the television world, real estate shows have proven to be a real hit among viewers. Shows such as Million Dollar Listing, Love It or List It, House Hunters and Property Virgins all depict the experiences of real people looking for real homes. As it turns out, however, those experiences … Continue reading The Real Truth Behind “Reality” Real Estate Shows

Lenders rely on appraisals. So, if the appraisal on your dream home comes in lower than expected, it may kill your deal. But there are solutions. Low appraisals happen for many reasons. A low appraisal may have nothing to do with your property – it may be all about the market: In a buyers’ market, … Continue reading Faced With a Low Appraisal? Check Out Your Options

When homeowners hear the words “renovate” or “remodel”, most will have visions of granite countertops and hardwood floors dancing in their heads. But, according to experts, you should be thinking structure over style; the outside of your home provides protection from the elements and should be your top priority when you’re deciding where to invest … Continue reading Opt for Roof Repairs, Not Granite, When Renovating

North Americans love their toys, and we’re turning to our devices for advice on everything from remodelling projects to home searches. According to a recent study by Google and a real estate association, real estate searches on have increased by 253 percent in the past four years. “Increasingly, online technologies are driving offline behaviours,” … Continue reading Buying or Remodeling: Advice is Just a Click Away

Have you ever driven through a new neighbourhood only to turn the corner, and there it is…your dream home? But, darn your luck, this dream home isn’t for sale. While the majority of us drive away, saddened, some people leave determined to make this home theirs – whether it’s for sale now or not. And … Continue reading How to Buy Your Dream Home Even if It’s Not For Sale

Shrinking homes are a growing trend. More and more people are choosing to live in tiny houses – homes that are often less than 500 square feet. Perhaps the state of North American real estate markets has something to do with it: In Canada, a hot real estate market nationwide out-priced many potential first-time buyers, … Continue reading The Growing Trend to Micro Mini Housing

Across Canada, people want to purchase “beautiful” homes. A recent article in National Post listed by province the descriptors used in real estate advertising, as compiled by listings site Point2Homes. According to the Post, Point2Homes scanned 40,000 Canadian and 300,000 US listings to pull out the words that most attracted buyers.. “Beautiful” was either first … Continue reading Perfectly Beautiful: The Words that Attract buyers

When a hermit crab decides it’s time for a new home, it scopes out a new shell before vacating its current accommodation. But for homeowners, the process is not so easy. Whether you buy a new home before selling your current one – or the other way around – the choice of what to do … Continue reading Which Comes First … the Buy or the Sell?

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: Your new neighbour has decided to tear down the charming colonial and build a monster home. Or he’s turned his backyard into a junkyard. Or she’s having noisy parties. Yes, having bad neighbours can be awful. And did you know they also can lower the value of your home by … Continue reading Bad Neighbours can be Hazardous to Your Property Values

A house is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make. So finding out all you can about the home-to-be is essential. It’s all about the history of your home, and several companies have sprung up across North America to enlighten potential buyers as they begin their home search. These organizations provide inexpensive reports that include a … Continue reading Reports Trace the History of Your Home-To-Be

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz … I wonder where the plumber is. This riff on the poem, “Spring in the Bronx,” highlights other rites of the season: renovating and redecorating. There’s nothing quite like sunlight pouring through our open curtains to inspire us, so every year at this time we start to think … Continue reading Bring Home 2013 Design Trends This Spring

Canadians who are house shopping in 2013 are looking for more than granite countertops and hardwood floors. According to recent research, it’s all about the family – a trait we share with our neighbours across the border. Both Canadians and Americans cite growing families as the main deciding factor in purchasing a new home. According … Continue reading What Canada’s Home Buyers are Looking For

Spring is home-buying season, and if you have friends moving into their first home, you know a housewarming gift is in order. While flowers and candles are lovely, why not pick up something practical, particularly for those first-time homeowners? Read on for ideas that are sure to be appreciated. Books Pay a visit to your … Continue reading Gifts First-time Homeowners Will Really Use

Journalist and ecologist Lakis Polycarpou recently penned a Polis blog article titled “Is it Time to Transcend the ‘Urban-Suburban’ Divide?” An admitted city lover, he concluded that suburbia (at least today’s suburbia) isn’t so bad after all. Then again, a recent article in Atlantic Cities spoke positively of the trend to urbanism, whereby homes in … Continue reading Urban or Suburban: What’s a Home Buyer to do?

The high cost of education, poor job prospects and rising prices in many housing markets mean more young prospective home buyers are turning to their families for help to buy their first home. Traditionally many parents have opted to contribute toward a down payment, but in recent years, that contribution has become bigger and the … Continue reading Buying with Help: If They Pay Do They Get a Say?

John Gray’s “Men are from Mars; women are from Venus” mentality may apply to far more than communication styles, conflict resolution and acts of love. Turns out, there may be differences between the genders when it comes to purchasing a home. Home builder Mark Patterson took a women-centric design course and made big sales based … Continue reading Mars and Venus Weigh In on Home Buying

After a downturn in spending on home renovations, homeowners across North America have once again been bitten by the renovation bug. And this bodes well for the economy as a whole in 2013. In Canada, research by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) indicates spending on renovations had declined during most of 2012, compared … Continue reading Homeowner Investments to Boost Economy in 2013

For six years, Sydney Walters wondered why his home was so hot in summer and so cold in winter. And why his family developed allergies and asthma. There was a reason for that: When Walters purchased the home from its original owners, he hadn’t hired a home inspector. That home inspection could have revealed that … Continue reading Save Your Big Investment From Big Trouble

If you’ve purchased a home recently or intend to purchase soon, you may not realize you’re part of a vast industry that has made a significant contribution to the North American economy. Consider the following from an April 2012 report by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR): “Research has consistently shown the importance of the … Continue reading Housing Sector Still Contributing in a Big Way

With the holiday season about to start, and the real estate market beginning to reflect winter’s chill, it’s more important than ever to attract new clients. A home buyer seminar is a great way to do this. Real Estate Is a Contact Sport As in other businesses, much of the success you have in real … Continue reading Get More Face Time with Buyers’ Seminars

As the saying goes, “You’ve got to be in it to win it.” This goes for real estate sales as well as for lotteries, and if you don’t effectively reach out to potential clients who may soon need your services, you’re not going to “win it.” Given the information overload that most of us are … Continue reading Make Sure Your Potential Clients Know You’re “In It”

For six years, Sydney Walters wondered why his home was so hot in summer and so cold in winter. And why his family developed allergies and asthma. There was a reason for that: When Walters purchased the home from its original owners, he hadn’t hired a home inspector. That home inspection could have revealed that … Continue reading Save Your Big Investment From Big Trouble

If you’ve purchased a home recently or intend to purchase soon, you may not realize you’re part of a vast industry that has made a significant contribution to the North American economy. Consider the following from an April 2012 report by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR): “Research has consistently shown the importance of the … Continue reading Housing Sector Still Contributing in a Big Way

A swing toward urbanism is shaping “Big City, North America.” It’s those darn demographics again. Only this time it’s not just a baby boomer thing; it’s what some experts are calling a “convergence” between boomers and millennials, also called “Generation Y” and born between 1981 and 2000. In their home searches, empty-nester boomers are looking … Continue reading ‘Convergence’ Is Shaping Urban Canada

Mortgage fraud has been making headlines in the past few years, with some suggesting it played a key role in the financial crisis of 2008. Truth is: If there’s money to be made dishonestly through mortgages, there’s no shortage of criminals to figure out ways of doing so. And some of those criminals are us. … Continue reading There Are Scary Consequences to Mortgage Fraud

You know your home is one of a kind. Soon buyers will know too; you’ve just made the decision to list. The question now is: How do you price that unique property? Here’s where your real estate agent shines. Pricing is an exact science, but strategic pricing is an art. That’s why you should entrust … Continue reading Pricing Your Home Is Both a Science and an Art

We all know what it means to look after a home. Whether it’s vacuuming regularly or applying a much-needed coat of paint, such care is an essential part of home ownership. But what if your home could actually help care for you? That’s the driving concept behind the current research into the creation of a … Continue reading Today’s ‘Smart’ Home Makes Decisions for us

While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s true; purchasing a more expensive home in an urban neighborhood could actually wind up costing you less than a home with a smaller price tag in the suburbs. In more ways than one. That’s largely because of the high cost of transportation. When shopping for a home, many people … Continue reading When Does a More Expensive Home Cost Less?

Okay. So maybe “man cave for mom” isn’t a term that’s likely to catch on. But whether you call it a “girl grotto or “lady’s living room,” having a private space set aside strictly for the woman of the house is very trendy. After all, what female today wouldn’t want a room of her own … Continue reading Latest Trend Offers Mom Her Very Own ‘Man Cave’

No longer is the sprawling luxury home the pinnacle of real estate in the North American market. As baby boomers look to downsize and homeowners trade luxury for function, there is renewed interest in smaller homes. Eighty percent of 1,300-plus real estate agents surveyed in 2011 said that baby- boomer clients aged 54 to 64 … Continue reading For Today’s Home Buyer, Small is Beautiful

True, the phrase, “location, location, location”, is a cliché. But smart homebuyers have come to realize that the location of their new home not only determines how happy they’ll be with their purchase but also dictates its resale value. Following is a primer to help you find the right home in the right location. Don’t … Continue reading Buy in the Right Location to Ensure Your Home’s Value

These days, staging your home involves more than decluttering and inexpensive fix-ups. You can spend big bucks. Or not. The following tips can help you add value to your home: 1. Listen to your real estate agent. He or she views hundreds of houses a year and knows what works. 2. Watch the trends and … Continue reading Nine Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Attractive

If you’re looking for the perfect house, that huge wish list you’re carrying around may be holding you back – and ultimately could cost you your dream home. Even the casual HGTV watcher will be familiar with “granite obsession.” Picture this: A real estate agent is showing a couple a house that has great curb … Continue reading No Granite? Don’t Let That Be a Deal Breaker!

With apologies to Sesame Street’s Kermit the Frog, it is easy being a green homeowner. And it may be profitable, too. To green your home you need to invest in a number of energy and water-saving measures that result in lower energy costs. While the initial cost of your green investment may be higher, greening … Continue reading Green Your Home: Save Now and Profit Later

Spring is the time of year when sellers and buyers gird up for what has traditionally been the most important season for buying or selling a home. Following are some ways to prepare: Sellers Sellers should be aware that there’s a lot of competition for buyers in the spring. That means sellers should do everything … Continue reading How to Prepare for the Spring Housing Market

Read…the colour of Valentines, of love and of the trendiest accent walls. Today’s buyers love vibrant red and orange accent walls, usually in contrast to earth-toned neutrals. They also love stoves with super-quiet exhaust fans, kitchen islands, and recessed lighting combined with hanging pendant fixtures. In the bathroom, they love glass and stone finishes with … Continue reading Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Make it Lovable

First-time home buyers have plenty of obstacles to overcome. There is an intricate maze of details that need to be carefully navigated. Following are five obstacles that first-time buyers have to overcome when looking to buy a home: Down Payment: Saving enough for the down payment is not sufficient. Closing costs must also be considered. … Continue reading How to Leap Those First-Time Buyers Hurdles

The Canadian real estate market has continued to thrive even with an uncertain global economic forecast. Canadian home buyers are being driven by low interest rates and reasonable access to financing. As a result, buyers must be ready to tackle an active marketplace. Following are some tips to help you cope: Have Your Financial Ducks … Continue reading 4 Ways to Get What You Want in an Active Market

Townhouses have an old and honourable history as dwellings for European royalty. But do they make sense in the 21st century? Increasingly, the answer is yes. And here’s why. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation defines a townhouse as one of several single-family homes joined by common walls. For empty nesters looking to downsize, townhouses offer … Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Living in a Townhouse

While your real estate agent may be working flat out to sell your home, you – as the seller – also have an important role to play. It’s up to you to prepare your home for sale. While your real estate agent may suggest, recommend and even cajole, selling your home is your job, and … Continue reading How to Help Your Agent Sell Your Home Quickly

These days, a click of the mouse can open a world of dream homes to you. But when you’re facing down a determined seller or trying to figure out what to offer, it literally pays to have a buyer’s agent on your side. Real estate is all about negotiation. On one side there’s the seller … Continue reading Why It Pays to Use a Buyer’s Agent

If you’ve just purchased your dream home and have to sell it because you’ve been transferred to another city or you’re overmortgaged and sinking fast, there are a few things you should not do. First, don’t go it alone. Second, be careful not to overprice your home. Sellers are often tempted to sell their homes … Continue reading Selling a Property Quickly? What You Should Do

Just how much should you invest in repairs to sell your home? It comes down to how desperate you are to sell and what changes are needed. Significant structural problems or major electrical or plumbing repairs must be disclosed to potential buyers. If you are unaware of these problems and they are discovered during the … Continue reading Should You Make Those Repairs Before Selling Your Home?

So, you’re selling your home. To decide on the right selling price, your real estate agent will have used information available through the Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system to compare your home to others that have sold recently in your area. Together you’ve gone through the comparables and opted for a price … Continue reading Market Analysis: It’s More Than Picking a Price

A great master bedroom will help sell your home. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money, time and effort trying to impress buyers. Following are 11 easy ways to spruce up your master for little money: De-clutter and de-personalize. Buyers want to see themselves in the master bedroom. Don’t surround them with … Continue reading How Your Bedroom Can Help Sell Your Home

You often hear about naive buyers and the mistakes they’ve made, but what about the slipups by sellers? Yes, believe it or not, sellers also make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes mean lost sales and longer days on the market. The most prevalent mistake by sellers is insisting on too high a price. Sellers may … Continue reading Selling Your Home? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

The properties of natural light are well-known. It expands your space, brightens dark corners and gives your home an airy feel. If you’re selling your home – or even if you’re not – try adopting some designer tricks to increase your home’s natural wattage. Paint is one of the least expensive and most effective ways … Continue reading How to Give Your Home a Light and Airy Feel

With proper due diligence and the right real estate agent, buying a fixer-upper can be a satisfying and lucrative experience. Buying a bad one, though, can lead to disaster.  Here are some tips to help you avoid problems: Location: A bad house in a desirable neighbourhood is almost guaranteed to pay big dividends for the … Continue reading Thinking of Buying a Fixer-Upper? How to Do It Right

A sexy front yard can ramp up your home’s curb appeal without costing a fortune. If you’re planning to sell – or even if you’re not – it’s a good idea to keep the outside of your home spruced up. Following are five ways to up your yard’s sexiness quotient: 1. Think like a drive-by … Continue reading Five Solid Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You may not need a magnifying glass or a deerstalker hat, but thinking like your favorite fictional detective can give you an edge when looking for your dream home. Sherlock Holmes, for example, would likely advise you to draw conclusions based on what you see. Cracks in the walls could point to foundation problems. Loose … Continue reading Buying a Home? It Pays to Think Like a Detective

So you’re moving on. Even though you’ve decided to sell, putting a price on years of happy times in your current home can be difficult. However, your first job as a new seller will be to set a sales price that’s just right. If you price your home too high, it may languish on the … Continue reading The Price Is Right: Secrets to Selling Your Home Quickly

The home buying process can be stressful, particularly for first-time buyers. But even seasoned buyers can be disappointed when their first offer is rejected. Luckily, in real estate, “no” doesn”t usually mean “no.” It simply means ‘let’s talk.” And it’s here that you can be glad you have a qualified real estate agent in your … Continue reading Offer Rejected? Here’s What You Should Do

So, you’re planning a renovation. Congratulations. But while you’re checking the Yellow Pages for architects and thinking about digging out the basement, don’t forget about your neighbours. After all, they’re the ones you’ll be competing with when it comes time to sell. Look at it this way. If a major renovation will make yours the … Continue reading Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Renovation

Installing quality tile flooring can increase the potential resale value of your home. Porcelain tile is a great way to add thousands of dollars in value. Porcelain is a high-quality building material and one of the most versatile and durable tiles on the market. It makes a terrific selling point, even more so than regular … Continue reading How Porcelain Tile Can Raise the Value of Your Home

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to stage and show a home with a four-legged gatekeeper on the job. From an overly exuberant personality to downright gruff demeanor, dogs can make it tough to show a home. Following are some ways to minimize distress to Fido and … Continue reading Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have a Dog

If you’re a senior, there could be many reasons to move from your family home. The house might be too big or cost too much to maintain, or the neighbourhood may be changing. Following are some tips to help you make the decision: Right-Size: Although you need less space, you want to maintain – or … Continue reading Thinking of Downsizing? What You Need to Consider

Spring-cleaning takes on an entirely new level of importance for those who intend to put their homes on the market. To attract buyers, it’s very important to make a great first impression. Whether you have already listed your home or you just want to keep your options open, it’s easy to make the most of … Continue reading Spring-Cleaning Can Help Sell Your Home

Obtaining the services of a professional real estate agent is the first step in selling your home. In today’s tough economic times, though, every little bit helps. Following are five ways to reduce the risk of last-minute mishaps: 1. Make It Easy to Move: Small things can add up, especially when making a major move. … Continue reading Tips for Getting That Real Estate Deal Done Right

Deciding whether to buy a new home or renovate your existing one is no easy task. There are pros and cons to both options. However, it boils down to one simple question: What do you want out of it? If space is the problem and you love your neighbourhood, an addition might well be the … Continue reading Buying Versus Renovating: What’s the Right Decision?

Today’s typical family living in a three-bedroom, two-story home spends about $2,500 in energy costs each year. To better manage those costs, consider conducting your own energy audit. First, find out how much energy is being used, by keeping a log and reading your meter each week. At the end of four weeks, add up … Continue reading Tips for Conducting a Home Energy Audit

For years, economists have used the study of behavioral finance to explain the role emotions play in investment decisions. Their observations have turned up some interesting results. First, they’ve found that while investors know very well that the stock market has its ups and downs, some will still base investment decisions on the assumption that … Continue reading Why Buying a House on Emotion Is a Losing Strategy

Planning to buy in 2011? Preparation is the key to getting the best deal when shopping for a new home. Following are some tips to help you get started: Define Needs Versus Wants: Make a list of your needs versus wants in the new home. For example, if you have a large and growing family … Continue reading Real Estate Resolutions: Tips for Homebuyers

When a new year starts, many people resolve to lose weight, give up smoking and spend more time with the family. Others add selling the house to their list of resolutions. Following are eight tips to help you decide whether or not to sell, and how to go about it: 1. Take a good hard … Continue reading Real Estate Resolutions: Tips for Sellers

Whether you are relocating, purchasing a new property or simply needing to move ahead, it’s sometimes necessary to sell a home fast.  Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done.  There are however several steps that you can take to help move your property quickly. Price: The number one reason most homes do not sell … Continue reading Four Remedies if Your House Just Won’t Sell

The list of things that can be wrong with a new home is endless, so don’t sign on the dotted line until a reputable home inspector gives you the all clear. The cost of an inspection is nothing compared to your purchase price. It’s also nothing compared to what you will pay for unexpected repairs … Continue reading Why Wise Buyers Get a Home Inspection

Whether you are relocating, purchasing a new property or simply needing to move ahead, it’s sometimes necessary to sell a home fast. Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done, especially during a buyer’s market. There are however several steps that you can take to help move your property quickly. Work with an Experienced Agent: … Continue reading Three Tips to Help You Sell Your Home…Fast

If you’re looking for the perfect house in a good neighbourhood at a great price, you may have to compromise to get what you want. Following are some things to consider: Décor: You may cringe at the ’60s shag rugs, flocked wallpaper and lime green living room, but cosmetic changes cost very little and can … Continue reading Telltale Signs That Make a Home a Good – or Bad – Buy

With the popularity of online photographs and virtual tours, some people are of the opinion that an open house is a waste of time. However, sellers should think twice before discounting this time-tested strategy. Following are some things you need to know about hosting an open house: What Is an Open House? Unlike an individual … Continue reading How an Open House is Used to Sell a Home

If you’re looking to buy a home that you can live in forever, you should consider future-proofing. Future-proofing aptly describes the process of buying a home with an eye to the future. It’s about where you are in your life and where you’re going. Are you a twosome thinking about becoming parents? Are you a … Continue reading How It Pays to ‘Think Forward’ When Buying

Anyone can put a “For Sale” sign on a property, but an experienced real estate agent makes all the difference when it comes to marketing and promoting a property. Following are some examples of what goes on behind the scenes in promoting a property: 1. Communication: Writing a description that sells isn’t as simple as … Continue reading Why Behind-the-Scenes Work Is Key to Selling a Property

When you find your dream home, it’s only natural for your heart to beat a little faster. But you still need to get the best value for your dollar. Following are six ways to make you a happy and savvy homebuyer: 1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent: An agent can be your most valuable … Continue reading How to Pick Out Your Perfect Home

For many, the dream of owning a rural “home away from home” is something that began in childhood. Before you buy, however, you might want to answer the following questions: How Far Away Is It? If you must travel two days by rail, then take a four-hour hike through the woods with a toddler strapped … Continue reading Thinking of Buying a Rural Getaway? Three Vital Tips

Renovating your home is all about adding value to the property. But it can be a jungle out there. Following are seven ways to maximize the return on your renovation investment so that you see a payback and not a loss when you sell: 1. Make Your Kitchen or Bathroom Sing: A sparkling up-to-date kitchen … Continue reading Seven Ways to Spend Your Renovation Buck

Thanks to the Internet, virtual tours and Google Maps, it’s easier than ever to locate prospective properties when searching for real estate. But before you try to go it alone, it’s essential to understand the other advantages real estate agents bring to the table. Experience: One of the biggest benefits of working with a local … Continue reading Buying a Home? Find Out What an Agent Can Do For You

If you’re hiring a home inspector prior to signing off on a piece of property, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Following are some important questions to ask: Home Long Have You Been Working in the Field? An inspector should be able to provide references and a history of … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

Selling a home without the services of a professional real estate agent can be a complex process that requires a lot of time and commitment. It can also leave homeowners with a few more gray hairs. First, home sales require complex legal documentation. There are many templates to use, but they skim only the surface … Continue reading How Real Estate Agents Save Sellers Time, Energy and Stress

When you drive up to your dream home it’s difficult to imagine a substitute residence, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Its curb appeal is unbeatable, you think to yourself. But there are a number of things to consider before you take the plunge. Location is one of the big factors. Even in a … Continue reading How to Pick the Right Location for Your Home

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is one of the most important considerations in any real estate transaction. It not only benefits both the buyer and seller, but a properly performed CMA is a critical step in establishing price versus value. Here is what you need to know about a CMA before buying or selling a … Continue reading How a Market Analysis Benefits Buyers and Sellers

Deciding whether to hire a home stager isn’t an easy decision. In tough economic times there’s a tendency for homeowners to cut back on any added fees. However, that could be a big mistake. Research indicates that the need for a home stager is even more important during a buyer’s market as competition is tougher. … Continue reading Why Hiring a Home Stager Is More Important Than Ever

If you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s best to test for radon before the deal is done. Home sales often occur at a fast pace, leaving little time to check for such problems. But it’s important to do so in order to avoid difficulties afterwards. Radon is a cancer-causing gas that has secretly infiltrated … Continue reading What Homebuyers Should Know About Radon

Condo living often elicits images of carefree weekends sitting beside the pool, but there are some pros and cons to consider before making a purchase. 1. The Lifestyle Itself: One of the biggest advantages of condo living can also become a disadvantage. The sense of community, amenities and other features that originally attracted you to … Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Condo Ownership

The appraisal process can leave sellers in a state of confusion. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge can be detrimental to obtaining the best price and fast closing for even the most competitive properties. Following are some guidelines to follow for best results: 1. Understand the Home Value Code of Conduct (HVCC): The code stipulates that brokers, … Continue reading What Sellers Need to Know About Property Appraisals

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, timing is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, it’s also a topic few people truly understand. The following are some tips to keep in mind when speaking with your real estate agent. Sell before buying or buy before selling? It’s an age-old question, but asking a few … Continue reading Sell First or Buy First? Which Is Right for You?

Matters of the heart tend to hurt rather than help the negotiation process when it comes to buying and selling real estate. The following tips will help you manage the emotional ties that bind buyers and sellers to bad decisions. Use an Agent: Agents do more than just show a home. They provide an impartial … Continue reading How to Make Good Decisions in the Real Estate Market

Deciding whether to purchase a fixer-upper or go with a home in need of fewer repairs isn’t always simple. The following information can help you calculate the true cost of purchasing a fixer: Supplies, Labor and Time: Whether you do the job yourself or hire outside labor, repairs and renovations are notorious for costing more … Continue reading Ways to Figure Out If a Fixer-Upper Is Worth It

Communicating with your real estate agent is the key to developing a winning strategy to show your property in the best possible light. The following tips might help you avoid frustration and increase the odds of a successful showing: Be Honest: The first step is to be completely honest with your agent. Make sure the … Continue reading How to Help Your Agent Build a Winning Sales Strategy

The decision of whether to remodel an existing home or buy another one has become more difficult because of the price of real estate declining across much of the nation. A few years ago, the benefits of remodeling were quite simple due to the cost savings. Today it isn’t as straightforward. The following are some … Continue reading Remodel or Buy? Which Is Right for You?

Whether you are buying or selling, the language of real estate is often complex and confusing. Following is a plain-language explanation of commonly encountered real-estate-related lingo. Title: Title to a property essentially denotes ownership interest and is designated by the name(s) on specific legal documents such as mortgages and deeds. The title can be held … Continue reading A Guide to Deciphering the Lingo of Real Estate

If it seems like short sales have suddenly exploded in the real estate arena, it’s not your imagination. Once considered relatively rare, short sales have become a common phenomenon in the past 18 months, thanks in large part to the banking and mortgage crisis. To find out if you can benefit from a short sale, … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Short Sales

Home is where the heart is, but everyone knows that the heart of a home is the kitchen. It should come as no surprise, then, that the kitchen is one of the most important considerations prospective buyers have in mind when evaluating property. Use these quick and easy kitchen fixes to add interest and obtain … Continue reading Quick and Easy Fixes to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to selling a home, almost everyone understands the value of working with a knowledgeable real estate agent. But buyers can often benefit even more than they might expect. Find out the top reasons more buyers than ever choose to work with an agent when searching for their next home or investment property. … Continue reading Why Smart Homebuyers Work with an Agent

Few things are more dreaded than moving day but new storage solutions can ease some of the stress. Learn how to select the right storage space for your needs, based upon your specific situation, without breaking the bank. Flexible Time. If your top priority is a flexible schedule, a POD might be the perfect choice … Continue reading Take the Stress Out of Moving with These Storage Ideas

Thanks in part to changing demographics combined with the economic downturn, a major move to get back to the basics is a hot trend in today’s real estate market. For those seeking maximum value at a minimum price, keep these essentials in mind. Bigger Isn’t Better: Bigger spaces are associated with higher utility bills, increased … Continue reading Buyers: What Makes a Good-Value Home Today

It’s only natural for your home to reflect your personal style, but when it comes time to sell, what makes a house a home becomes a major hindrance. Learn how to depersonalize your home in order to obtain the best price. Go Neutral: Unless your favorite colour scheme is completely neutral, it’s time to get … Continue reading Sellers: The Secret to Making Buyers ‘Belong’ in Your Home

Thinking about selling your home but worried about the competition? Whether you live in a cookie-cutter neighbourhood where every home looks more or less the same or you simply need a few fresh ideas to help your home stand out from the rest for sale on the same street, use these simple tips to make … Continue reading How to Make Your Home First Choice for Buyers

Spruce up your yard in time for summer entertainment with these quick and affordable fixes for the most common curbside complaints. Pressure Wash and Spray. Start at the roof, then work your way down, to remove stains and dirt from walkways, driveways and even fences. Whiten and brighten the concrete, crevices and other corners of … Continue reading Easy Touch-Ups to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Buying a home needn’t be a high-risk venture. With a little planning, preparation and the use of a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can avoid these common buying blunders. Procrastination How many times have you called on a property only to learn it was already under contract? It happens more often than you might realize, … Continue reading Don’t Make These 4 Home Buyers Blunders

Pricing right is one of the most important aspects to selling a home. Price too low, and you are leaving hard-earned money on the table or worse…you can actually create a reverse incentive for buyers to view the home since they may assume the property is in need of extensive repairs. Price too high, and … Continue reading How to Make Sure Your Home Is Priced to Sell

Buyers searching for a new home will do well to remember how seasons are likely to impact real estate. Learn how to obtain the best price while making seasonal variations and weather trends work for you with these quick tips: Always view homes in person. Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, there … Continue reading How the Seasons and Weather Affect the Real Estate Market

Learn how to obtain the best price and avoid the headaches and heartaches associated with selling a home by avoiding these top four mistakes most people make: 1. Pricing Without a doubt the single biggest mistake most people make when selling a home is not pricing right. Price too low and people are likely to … Continue reading Don’t Make These 4 Home Sellers Blunders

Buyers are often tempted to cut corners on things like home inspections to save money for fun items like furniture or a big-screen television. Don’t! A home inspection is one of the best investments you can make when purchasing a new home or other real estate. Learn how to use a home inspection to your … Continue reading How to Benefit from a Home Inspection

One of the major selling points of vintage homes is the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship only found in older houses. Learn how to make the most of the period details in your house to reap higher sales prices with these effective strategies: Shine the Spotlight: Prepare your home in anticipation of taking plenty … Continue reading Sellers: How to Make the Most of Your Homes Period Details

If you have ever wondered why it’s better to work with an agent rather than listing “by owner,” you aren’t alone. Superficially, selling a home seems easy – until you actually try it. According to statistics, nearly 80% of people give up and list with an agent after months of costly and time-consuming delay. Here … Continue reading Why it Makes Sense to Work with an Agent

Learn how to add value to any home with these quick tips: Deferred Maintenance: Small repairs and the general neglect of a home can make it appear less appealing than it really is. Don’t be detracted by deferred maintenance; instead, perform an inspection to eliminate the risk of serious problems, then use the condition as … Continue reading 4 Ways to Tell if You Can Add Value to a Home

Selling a home in a down market takes more planning and preparation but with a little know-how it’s still possible to get a great response with these quick tips: Price Matters Without a doubt, the most important consideration is to price the house right – especially if you want a quick sale. When the market … Continue reading Tips to Help Sell Your Home in a Slow Market

When it comes to evaluating the value of a property there are more ways than meet the eye; like beauty, the value of a property is often in the eye of the beholder. Savvy buyers and investors use several of the following methods to determine if the price is right: Comps: Comparing a property to … Continue reading How to Tell if Your Dream Homes Price is Right

Whether you are buying or selling a home or other type of real estate, chances are you will hear a lot about “comps” so it might come in handy to understand what they really are and why they matter. Comps are comparisons between your property and other similar properties. Age, location, amenities, and the general … Continue reading Why Comps are a Homeowners Best Friend

Condominiums remain popular housing choices, especially among those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle, with the benefit of ownership. However, before making an offer on a condo there are a few things to keep in mind. Fees & Service Charges: Condo associations typically charge a variety of fees to cover everything from modest maintenance charges to extravagant … Continue reading 4 Essential Things to Consider When Buying a Condo

Staging has become commonplace when selling a home, but with the recent downturn in the economy and continued sluggishness in the real estate market; staging is more important than ever. Here are the top reasons why home-staging matters, and how you can make it work for you: A picture is worth a thousand words: Over … Continue reading Staging: an Essential Secret to Selling in a Down Market

A key element in staging a home for sale is to make it look clean, spacious, and presentable. Learn how to clear the clutter with these quick and easy storage solutions that keep your home looking its best and make moving day a breeze at the same time. Storage Bench or Seat: Buy an attractive … Continue reading Easy Storage Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

Buying your first home is a lot of fun but there is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to budgeting. Most new home owners are financially savvy enough to calculate the mortgage, interest, taxes, and insurance payments; but tend to forget less obvious expenses. Here to help are a few budgeting … Continue reading Budgeting Basics for First-time Buyers

Learn how to earn tidy profits when selling your home or investment property with these quick renovation and maintenance tips. Colour: Still living in sterile white walls? Does a boring beige and brown exterior greet potential buyers? Eliminate the institutional look and give your home a brand new appearance inside and out with a quality … Continue reading 5 Quick and Easy Renovations and Remedies

  Searching for a fast way to catch attention and bring out the best in your house? Go from drab to dynamic in just days with these hot colour trends. The colours Without a doubt today’s popular colour trends reflect the warmth and beauty of nature – with a touch of elegance.Blue Iris, Caribbean Sea … Continue reading Bring Your Home Up to Date with These Trendy Colours

Creating an inviting landscape not only ensures a positive first impression with buyers but may also increase your home’s value and lead to a quicker sale. You don’t have to spend a lot to make big improvements in your home’s curb appeal. Keeping your lawn manicured – mowed and edged – and trimming bushes and … Continue reading How Great Landscaping Says Come Inside!

A great coat of paint makes all of the difference in the world to your home. These tricks of the pros will help you to get the results you want.

Lighting is a great way to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel – and it’s an easy way to add value to your home. Keep in mind that you can never have too much light in the bathroom. It is recommended that you layer light sources to provide enough illumination for applying … Continue reading Use Lighting to Add Value to Your Bathroom

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to keeping a child’s room clean and organized is lack of storage space. It’s particularly important to keep these rooms looking tidy when you put your home on the market. Here are some tips to make the best use of space. Beds: Consider buying a platform bed … Continue reading Useful Tips to Keep Your Child’s Room Tidy

First impressions at house showings are everything; when there is an excess of inventory on the real estate market, you need to make your home the one buyers just have to have – you must be the standout. Here are some ways you can do that. Give your Realtor talking points – say what’s good … Continue reading First Impressions Count: Make Your Home Really Stand Out

Buyers from many walks of life are discovering the advantages of condo and townhome living. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for an affordable way to own a home, a busy professional with little time to devote to home maintenance, or an empty-nester who’s “right-sizing,” a condo or townhome may be a good choice for … Continue reading Is a Condo or Townhome Right for You?

Everyone loves summer and with good reason: after a long winter, the bright sunshine beckons young and old alike to sit by the pool, enjoy a little music, and soak in the warmth. Summer is also the most popular time to buy or sell a home; and by investing a little time and energy into … Continue reading Boost Your Home’s Value with Summer Projects that Sell

Americans are mobile by nature so it should come as no surprise that relocation is a major reason for buying or selling a home. Deciding to pick up and move to a new city can be a great opportunity to increase your standard of living for the entire family for years to come, but there … Continue reading Relocating? Tips to Help Figure Out the Cost

With a little information and attention, expensive mistakes for the homeowner can be avoided. Price The single biggest mistake people make is setting the asking price too high. An amount suited both to the home and to the market conditions attracts the greatest number of prequalified buyers, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get a higher … Continue reading Selling Your Home? Discover How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Selling a home with a pet in residence can be a difficult undertaking. Many home buyers – even those with pets of their own at home – can be put off by yours. Pets Can Make Visitors Nervous No one thinks of their own pet as scary. But even the mildest mannered cat or dog … Continue reading How to Show Your Home if You Have a Pet

If you’re remodelling your home, conduct an energy audit to determine what improvements can be made to make it more energy efficient. An energy-efficient home can save you money in the form of lower energy bills and can reduce negative impacts on the environment. An energy audit will assess how much energy your home consumes … Continue reading How to Conduct a Simple Home Energy Audit

One of the hottest real estate trends in today’s market is green building, as home builders respond to an increasing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes. The focus is generally on energy conservation, the use of environmentally preferable products and materials, and making indoor environments healthier. Green building offers many benefits. It can … Continue reading What Makes a Home Environmentally Friendly?

Location, location, location — goes the saying about what’s important in real estate. Most home buyers start by looking for a suitable area. The following tips will help you find a neighbourhood that feels like home. Priorities Set priorities about things that matter most to you and your family: ·Is safety a prime concern? ·Are … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. So here’s a quick guide to make it as painless as possible. Decide what not to pack Now’s a good time to declutter your life by deciding which items you don’t want to take with you. Decide what you want to give away, throw away, or sell. … Continue reading Vital Ideas to Make Moving Home as Easy as Possible

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is with paint. If you’re selling, painting your interior walls can give a great return on investment — a much higher selling price for little investment on your part. If you’ve just bought a home, giving your house a new paint job is the quickest … Continue reading How to Use Paint to Make Your House More Saleable

Whether you are thinking of moving to a new home or just want to improve your living environment, there are many things you can do to turn a drab patio or deck into another room. If you are putting your house on the market, turning this space into another room will help visitors see the … Continue reading How to Turn Your Patio Into an Outdoor Room

Most buyers make up their minds about your house in the first 30 seconds after pulling up outside. So it’s vital you make the outside of your home as attractive as possible if you want to get the best price you can. After all, a neat and tidy, well-cared for home will beat a rundown, … Continue reading How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

One of the things that can make our homes less enjoyable to live in is disorganized closet space. It’s quite depressing to look in your closets every morning and not be able to find what you need. And if you are selling your house, having a cluttered closet will damage your chances of getting the … Continue reading How to Conquer Messy, Cluttered Closets

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms, but it’s one of the most important if you’re selling our home. Here are some quick tips to freshen up your bathroom to give yourself a space you enjoy relaxing in, whether you are moving or not. Clutter: Bathrooms attract a lot of bottles and jars … Continue reading Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh New Look

Poor curb appeal Buyers won’t even go inside if the outside of the house looks unappealing. So clean up your front yard by tidying plants and pulling up weeds. Make sure the outside of your home looks well cared-for by painting the trim, mowing the lawn and placing attractive potted plants by the door. Unpleasant … Continue reading 7 Things that Will Stop Your House Selling

Cabinet Doors Damaged or dirty cabinet doors are a big turn-off for buyers. But that’s easy to fix. Most cabinetry can be re-painted after cleaning it and applying a coat of primer. Just check that the materials can take paint or whether you need to give any special preparation to the doors first. Alternatively, you … Continue reading Quick Fixes for a Great-Looking Kitchen

If you plan to sell your home, you can make your interiors and exteriors shine by improving the lighting. Here’s how. Drapes and shades: Natural light works best during the day. So make sure to open all drapes and shades to let in the sunlight. Highlighting: Put emphasis on the room’s focal points, such as … Continue reading How to Use Lighting to Make Your Home More Attractive

  Curb appeal is vital if you want your home to sell quickly for a good price. To create that enticing look, you don’t necessarily have to undertake extensive landscaping or major fixes to the exterior of the building. Instead, you could just concentrate on the entrance to your house. Lead them in You want … Continue reading How to Make Your Home’s Entrance Enticing

  It is no secret that one of the key things people look at when they are buying a house is the bathroom. That is why it is so important to make your bathroom look as big, beautiful and up-to-date as possible. Unfortunately, many bathrooms these days are quite small, but there are ways of … Continue reading How to Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

Having a focal point is critical if you want to create a room that feels comfortable and useable. And when you’re selling your house, you’ll make the room more attractive to buyers because they’ll feel more at home when there’s a focal point for them to rest their eyes on. Some rooms have natural focal … Continue reading How to Create a Beautiful Focal Point for Your Room

Container plants are an easy way to give immediate visual impact to your home, creating that important curb appeal – the “wow” factor as potential buyers pull up outside. Here are some important tips to make sure you use containers effectively. Use big containers Don’t be afraid of using big, bold containers. They will have … Continue reading How Summer Container Plants Will Help Sell Your House

Running an energy-efficient home this winter doesn’t necessarily entail buying expensive solar panels or wind generators. Neither does it mean you have to wear your outdoor clothes inside to stop you shivering! Here are 8 useful tips. Laundry: Wait until you have a full load of laundry and run the machine on cold. Detergents are … Continue reading 8 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

A home office is on its way to becoming an essential item on a house buyer’s wish list. After all, many people work at least part of the time at home — and even if they don’t, they still want somewhere to store the computer and their household papers. Here are some tips to help … Continue reading 6 Ways to Create an Attractive Home Office

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